April 28, 2010

I refuse to follow Martin Wolf down the road to financial obscurantism

Sir when comparing the ease or even gusto with which Martin Wolf has supported government spending to bail out the economy, imposing no public debt to taxpayers willingness ratios at all, with the way he now wants to strictly limit the banks’ lending activity, I am truly shocked, “Why cautious reform of finance is the risky option”, April 28.

Wolf, after years of receiving, acknowledging and ignoring my letters about the excessive leverage ratios allowed to banks on assets perceived as having low risk, like 62.5 to one on anything related to an AAA rating, now suddenly goes into full reverse and opines that “Leverage ratios of 30 to one are crazy. Three to one looks far more sensible”.

Well let me assure you that just even searching for a three to one capital ratio for banks world, would make us lose all our hopes of trying to solve the rest of the world’s urgent problems, and most certainly lead us to financial obscurantism with pure gold bartering and no credit at all. I refuse to follow Martin Wolf there!

In fact the 12.5 to one capital ratio, allowed to banks when lending to small businesses and entrepreneurs, and which of course had nothing to do causing this crisis, should perhaps even be increased slightly, now when we are in so much deer need of jobs.