April 15, 2010

EITI, unwittingly, is an obstacle to other cursed-citizen's requests.

Sir I refer to your Oily transparency April 15. In the debate on what to do with an oil curse the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiatives occupies so much space it does not leave much room for others who like me want the oil revenues distributed directly to the citizens.

In fact EITI is more of an obstacle since it states as its 2nd Principle“We affirm that management of natural resource wealth for the benefit of a country’s citizens is in the domain of sovereign governments to be exercised in the interests of their national development.”

When seeing how much oil-richness has been wasted in the hands of oiligarchs, petrocrats or plain thugs it is truly amazing such a principle should exist. I guess it is because it is always more fun to talk to an oil blessed politician or technocrat than with a poor oil cursed citizens.