June 08, 2007

Sir Samuel Brittan’s blackout

Sir, Sir Samuel Brittan in “Towards a true price for energy” June 8, speaks up for the UK climate change levy and ends by saying “And if Opec made disapproving noises we would know that we were really on to something”.

He must be suffering from memory loss. In late 1998 early 1999 when oil was around $11 per barrel and according to some pundits (The Economist) heading for $5, then the distribution at the pump was 85 per cent for the UK taxman, 5 per cent for distribution and only 10 per cent for the producer who gave up for ever the non renewable resource that we should remember oil is. And sure did Opec produce noise, among others oil at $70 and Chavez.

If only at that time, Sir Brittan would have suggested fair long term take up contracts at $30 dollars per barrel, I can almost swear we would not be living the current extreme market tightness, and so reading him now suggest that the “proper reply to threats from Opec against the development of biofuels is to tell them to take a running jump” is just sad.

By the way, on biofuels, for the sake of our children, please let us not take a running jump, just to run our cars a couple of miles more.