June 27, 2007

The champions of gluttony

Sir I read Jamie Whyte’s “Spread the word about the benefits of advertising”, June 27, and since I presume that he is in the advertising industry, and though he references himself to be the author of a “Guide to Clear Thinking” I conclude that he must be even more confused than what I normally am, when he basically washes his hands and places the full burden for responsible behaviour squarely on his own clients shoulders, for instance in the case of the increased consumption of junk food.

He is also exquisitely politically incorrect when he argues the defence of his industry in such terms as motivating you to drink more in order to save you from the risk of not knowing the fun of being drunk although in this as a “desire for more” inspirer he has a clear point, since we should ask ourselves what would happen to our economies if our regulators convinced us all that we have had enough, of everything.