November 30, 2018

When EU authorities assigned Greece a 0% credit risk they doomed that nation, inexorable, to suffer a real life Greek tragedy.

Sir, Lord Aldington, defending a Remain writes: “Greek tragedies seldom have a happy ending; they are about inexorable fate. There is nothing inexorable about being wilfully blind to our situation. Integration works on the basis of partnership.” “Enter the tragic Chorus, tearing at their clothes and screaming” November 30.

Indeed, Hear, hear, but let us also not forget that the partnership Lord Aldington supports, caused a real life Greek tragedy. When the European Commission assigned Greece a 0% credit risk, it doomed it, inexorably, to tragically excessive debts, which to top it up, are denominated in euros, de facto not Greece’s domestic (printable) currency.

If they do not get rid of the statist, distortive and dangerous risk weighted capital requirements for banks; there will be many more similar Greek tragedies in EU, and around the world.