November 09, 2018

Any banker, like Goldman Sachs’ Lloyd Blankfein, who does not ask the borrower “What are you going to use the money for?” should not be allowed to be a banker.

Sir, David Crow and Laura Noonan, with respect to the Malaysian financier-cum-socialite known as Jho Low scandal that I know nothing about write, “Goldman has always maintained that it did not know how the proceeds of the bond offering were spent” “Blankfein revelation piles pressure on Goldman”

I guess just like Lloyd Blankfein was not interested in how that notoriously human rights violating regime of Maduro’s in Venezuela was going to use the funds Goldman Sachs provided it, because all he cared about was whether the risk premiums were juicy enough to support his bonus aspirations.

Sir, again, corrupting not some government official but the regime itself, by offering fresh money in return for the possibility of huge returns, sounds to me like something quite punishable by US’s Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).

We are now in November 2018, and Mr Blankfein has not found it within himself to yet utter the smallest “Venezuelans, I am so sorry”

Sir, what kind of elite do we have when a Lloyd Blankfein still gets invited to all kind of academic and social engagements? If the elite gives up on holding their own accountable, it is lost.