June 03, 2017

So much needed is currently not even on politicians’ menus.

Sir, Tim Harford, desperately writes: “It is curious that the Labour party that frets so much about taxing the rich is so careless about reaching the poor… Tory policy on Brexit is nothing more than a string of Orwellian catchphrases: “strong and stable”, “smooth and orderly”, “deep and special”. Freedom is slavery; ignorance is strength… For this disheartened voter, ignorance would be bliss.” “The menu of politicians and policies is inedible” May 3.

I am not a UK voter but, if one, I would also be tempted to reach out to some form of motivated ignorance. But that said, if there is something that really drives me mad (besides the so stupid risk weighting of bank capital requirements), in the UK and everywhere, is the little interest given to prepare for the structural unemployment that is advancing day by day.

For instance, a Universal Basic Income could be useful to help guarantee social cohesion when unemployment rates go over certain limits, but it might do little to help mend any social cohesion that has already been lost.

In Labour or Tory party, who is working for the decent and worthy unemployments that will be, or are already needed?