June 19, 2017

Brexit should not be a humiliating capitulation process, so as to fit the remainders’ wish to say, “I told you so!”

Sir, Carl Bildt writes “The essential and unavoidable fact is that Britain will not be in the room when EU summits are called on all the different issues that are certain to emerge in these increasingly uncertain times… For all its public ambivalence, there is little doubt that on the inside Britain has been very powerful in shaping the evolution of the EU... Many have seen the UK as a necessary counterweight to other countries keen on a more closed approach, both political and economic” “Europe’s political landscape starts to shift” June 20.

Absolutely! And this is a fact that Britain should make abundantly clear, reaching out to its so many European friends, bypassing completely those Brussels technocrats that have had their weak egos hurt, because of the Brexit rejection.

Instead, many of your columnists have been arguing for a sort of humiliating Versailles type capitulation treaty, most of them in order to be able to tell their readers “I told you so!” Well, shame on them!

What would I do if a British citizen? First I would carry out an opinion poll in all EU countries asking their citizens whether they want Britain to be castigated for leaving EU, or whether they prefer EU to live as closely and friendly as possible with Britain after Brexit.

Then, with those results in hands, which I am sure would favor the second option, I would ask whether they would like to leave the Brexit negotiations on behalf of EU, in the hands of Michel Barnier, someone who has clearly a tendency to want to show off as a strong man, as a macho man.

Sir, and you know this is not the first time I so opine… but of course, since I am censored by FT, just like I was censored in my Venezuela, I must be silenced.