June 02, 2017

Since Brussels technocrats took EU members too much for granted, Brexit could perhaps turn into a better deal for UK.

Sir, Martin Wolf in reference to Theresa May’s Brexit “No deal is better than a bad deal” asks, “Why, after all, would the EU offer better terms to a non-member?” “Trade realities expose the absurdity of a ‘no deal’ option” June 2.

That is true; except for if the current membership deals are based on technocrats taking EU members too much for granted; and now waking up to the Brexit fact they should perhaps not do so.

Also, would these technocrats dare to further weaken their not too strong position by declaring a war on Britain, a war that most of the Europeans probably do not wish? Do Brussels generals really have that kind of credibility? I don’t think so.

Wolf writes: “Now Brexiters imagine the UK can refuse the EU’s terms for an amicable divorce and yet still count upon active and enthusiastic co-operation in ensuring the smooth flow of trade.”

Why can someone who like Wolf has attacked growing trumpist trade protectionism in the US, arguing it primarily hurts the Americans, yet be willing to accept the thought that trade protectionism from EU towards UK, would not hurt the Europeans too?

That is what Wolf should be informing Europeans of, so that they help to keep their hurt-egos technocrats from enforcing some stupid vengeance plans. But no, Wolf seems determined to want that UK should just take its well deserved punishment for not listening to his advice, and then shut up.