November 13, 2015

Yes! Central banks must be made accountable

Sir, Alex J Pollock, of American Enterprise Institute in Washington, asks that “Central banks must be made accountable”, November 13.

Absolutely! I totally agree: “there is zero evidence that these central bankers have superior knowledge, obvious that they have no superior insight into the future, and dubious that they command superior virtue.”

Anyone thinking that by distorting the allocation of bank credit in favor of those perceived as ex ante as safe, and which discriminates against the fair access to bank credit of those perceived as risky, will make the bank system safer, has not the slightest idea about what he is doing.

Not only are bank crises always the result of excessive exposures to what is perceived as safe but turn out to be risky; but also the strength of the real economy is a direct function of banks lending intelligently to those perceived as risky, like to its SMEs and entrepreneurs.

Let me just name some of these failed regulators that should be held accountable: Jaime Caruana, Mario Draghi, Stefan Ingves, Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke and Mark Carney.

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