November 14, 2015

There’s a difference between unwanted recessions and recessions resulting from having other priorities than growth

Sir, Robin Harding asks whether we should use the term recession for an economy that is decreasing as a consequence of demographics. “Recession is a word in need of a rethink” November 14.

He sure has a point and perhaps we should measure economic growth on a per capita basis.

In the same vein, may I express doubts on whether we should use the term recession when the decreasing economic growth is a direct consequence of calling it quits… meaning not wanting to risk what we already got in order to get anything better.

Because, calling it quits that is what bank regulators did, when they allowed banks to earn higher risk adjusted returns on what is perceived ex ante as safe, than on what is perceived as risky.

I mean should there not be a difference between an unwanted recession and a recession that results from prioritizing other wishes?

Most current “recessions” are not unexpected consequences they are the natural results of someone meddling with the markets.

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