November 09, 2015

Failed bank regulators, Mario Draghi, FSB, should not be given a chance, ECB, to cover up for their mistakes, Greece

Sir, Ferdinando Giugliano, Sam Fleming and Claire Jones write: “Mr Draghi is adamant that rules, not politics, have dictated its approach to Greece and other member states.” “Peak Independence?” November 9.

Thomas Hoenig’s the vice chairman of FDIC in a speech delivered on November 5 stated: “Some sources of risk undoubtedly have been fed by current regulations designed to direct banks’ activities in accordance with regulators’ views. For example, banks levered up on sovereign debt of nations such as Greece due to the zero risk-weighting given by “risk-based” rules.”

Clearly FDIC’s vice chairman agrees with what I have been saying for years, namely that it was the Basel Committee, and their associates, who did Greece in.

Mario Draghi the now President of the European Central Bank and the former chairman of the Financial Stability Board, should never have been placed in a position where he could try to cover up for his participation in the mistakes that brought Greece down.

As is the fatal credit risk weighted capital requirements for banks still conspire against all Greek SMEs and entrepreneurs having fair access to bank credit, in order to help their land crawl out of the hole its in.

PS. When I think about all those “risky” who because of regulators have not had fair access to bank credit in order to try to create the new jobs the new generation need… I get so… sad/mad

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