April 12, 2015

Technocrats, pouring QEs over clogged financial transmission mechanisms, set us up for the mother of all hangovers.

Sir, Henny Sender puts her finger on what should be of utmost concern for most delegates to discuss during IMF and World Bank meetings next week, namely that “Weak growth suggests QE might not have been worth the costs” April 11.

And Sender is so right remarking on how “odd… is the absence of a vigorous debate about the costs of these experiments, whether in the US, in Japan or now in Europe.”

With their QEs, unelected technocrats are pushing our economies higher and higher up a mountain of risks, for absolutely no purpose. As I’ve written to you Sir, at least a hundred times, if the liquidity provided by these schemes, are not allocated efficiently to the real economy, then absolutely nothing good can come out of it.

But the same unelected technocrats, simultaneously, by means of credit-risk-weighted equity requirements, have clogged the financial transmission mechanism, hindering bank credit to reach where it is most needed, the SMEs and the entrepreneurs. In other words, we are being set up for the mother of all hangovers. Damn those technocrat clowns!

According to the report by Swiss Re that Sender quotes, “US savers alone have lost $470bn in interest rate income, net of lower debt costs”. That is only one of the first symptoms.