April 29, 2015

Regulators believe those perceived as “safe”, will originate less unexpected losses for banks than the “risky”. Loony!

Sir, I refer to your Special Report “Risk Management – Property” April 27.

It mentions the risks of: climate change, cyber security breaches, terrorism, earthquakes… all those risks that are difficult to currently estimate but that can produce extraordinary unexpected losses… including for banks.

But those risks are not considered at all by regulators who, when setting their equity requirements for banks, use the expected losses derived from perceived credit risks as a proxy for the unexpected… more-credit-risk-more-capital and less credit-risk-less capital

It sort of translates in that regulators would seem to believe that risks, like those listed affect more the “risky” like the SMEs, than the sovereigns and the members of the AAArisktocracy. I can’t believe you believe that too.