April 13, 2015

Has Europe fallen into the hands of a Chauncey Gardiner like figure?

Sir, I refer to Joel Lewin’s “European QE redraws junk bond frontier” April 14.

Were the implications not so tragic one could have joked about Europe having fallen into the hands of a Chauncey Gardiner like figure; the gardener elevated to Economic-Guru in Jerzy Kosinski’s “Being There”.

ECB’s/Mario Draghi’s seems not to understand the dangers of flooding the markets with QE liquidity, while the channels for that to flow by means of bank credit to where it is most needed, like to SMEs, are clogged. Firmly clogged by senseless credit-risk-weighted equity requirements for banks.

The overflow of liquidity, into more risky bonds, creates clearly serious risks for individual investors. But, for the economy at large, much worse is the dangerous overpopulation of the “safe-havens”; and the even more dangerous refusal to explore the risky bays, where there is a chance to find what could feed the future.

At least a normal gardener would now you need to water the plants, but not too much.