October 16, 2013

Wolf, when spinning the US debt ceiling in favor of the spender, do not forget there is also a roof to get off.

Sir, Martin Wolf might be entirely correct when describing some of the possible horrible consequences of the US debt ceiling not being increased, but he is sure spinning the issue entirely in favor of the spender, “The debt-ceiling doomsday device” October 16.

I find the US Congress having to approve a debt ceiling, which is the same as a debt-roof from which the US has to get off from, sooner or later, to be something perfectly valid. When spending bills are presented, these are not “whatever it takes” spending bills, but spending which assumes some type of income. And, for the case those income assumptions are not met then any congress, as any corporate board, should have all the right to say… “Great! But as long as you do not take on more debt than x”.

And what would the markets be saying if all been smooth sailing for the US executive branch to take on any debt it wanted… would that not spook these even more?

PS. As for me, as Martin Wolf knows well, I am much more concerned with the shutdown of access to bank credit for the "risky" real economy, which regulators ordered with their dumb capital requirements for banks based on perceived risk.