October 05, 2013

FT, don’t scare or bullshit us, with that September and October labor data is indispensable for the Fed to know what to do.

Sir, Robin Harding reports that “Experts fear loss of October data could influence tapering policy” October 5. Boy if that is what we depend on for the Federal Reserve to act correctly, we are, as the somewhat vulgar expression goes, most certainly up shit creek without a paddle.

He also quotes an expert saying “It’s like flying blind”. Come on, the Fed is flying truly blind by not knowing what would be the real interest rates on public debt, net of the subsidies implicit in bank regulations which allow banks to lend to the public sector against much less capital than when lending to citizens. Compared to that blindness the labor data would be, also in a somewhat vulgar expression, chicken shit.

That the Fed, not having a clue about what to do, would naturally like to have that data in order to explain itself, well that is a quite different proposition.