July 18, 2012

Was the USA, the Home of the Brave, built based on risk-avoidance?

Sir, Professor Glenn Hubbard presents “A conservative growth agenda for the US economy” July 18. It includes primarily “getting or fiscal house in order and reforming the tax code” the latter because it “discourages work and entrepreneurship… and distorts the allocation of capital.” 

I have no problem with that, but how come no conservative (nor progressive) growth agenda includes getting rid, immediately, of those capital requirements for banks based on perceived risk and which discriminate so odiously discriminate in favor of what is perceived as absolutely not risky (which includes government) and against those perceived as risky, like the small businesses and the entrepreneurs? If anything is distorting bank credit allocation that´s it. Frankly, Professor Hubbard, was the US, “the land of the brave” built based on risk-avoidance? I do not think so! 

In fact these bank regulations are as close to a virus that instills cowardness as can be… and, if I was part of a Homeland Security, I would definitely look into it… as it is an issue of national security.