July 03, 2012

Sorry, Gillian, try acting like a better financial journalist

Sir, Gillian Tett holds that “banks need to redefine why they exist. A new sense of mission and modus operandi is required, “Don´t just say sorry, Bob, try acting like a steward” July 3. 

But in a much similar vein, I could also ask Gillian Tett to try acting as a better financial journalist, and inform her readers that, in all the bank regulations produced by the Basel Committee, there is not one single word that pertains to what the purpose of the banks is and, notwithstanding that, the regulators still gladly proceed to regulate, totally unencumbered. 

Ms. Tett also mentions Mr. John Taft of Royal Bank of Canada´s request that banks act as wise stewards of the nation´s cash. How are they supposed to do that? Ms. Tett must know by now that function has already been usurped by the bank regulators who, with great hubris, act like the self appointed risk managers of the world, and allocate, in a very haphazardous way, the risk-weights which determine the capital requirements for the banks… and thereby really determine the directions of the nation´s cash. 

Over to you Ms. Tett, try to inform your readers more completely.