July 03, 2012

And with respect to the intellectual capture of FT, where does the buck stop?

Sir, of course, Barclays´ fiddling with Libor affair is a scandal, and you are entirely correct to question whether its Chairman´s resignation based, on a the buck stops here, suffices, “Barclays scandal” July 3. 

But much more scandalous than that, at least with respect to its implications, is how the buck, of how regulators, fiddling with risk weights, manipulated the interest rates in favor of those perceived as not risky and against those perceived as risky, and that does not even appear on the radar-screen. 

It will be interesting to see in the future, where in FT the buck for withholding the analysis that places the largest blame for the crisis in the lap of regulators stops. 

Really, how did you allow yourself to become so intellectually captured by that so dangerous nonsense of capital requirements for banks which discriminate based on perceived risks elsewhere already discriminate for? 

As is, in my mind, FT is in part responsible for the fact that our banks might all end up gasping for oxygen and capital on the last safest shores, which at this moment would seem to be the US Treasury and the Bundesbank.