December 02, 2009

In Copenhagen, let us hope they finally make up their minds, and, if it is serious, scrap the cap and trade and fully enlist the poor

Sir though I agree with much of Martin Wolf’s “Why Copenhagen must be the end of the beginning”, December 2, what I most would like to see happening there is for the world to finally make up its mind whether it is going to treat climate change as a real threat or not. A wishy-washy middle ground that creates the false impression that something is done is the worst place to be. For instance, if we decide that we are going to act as we were in any real danger, then probably the first thing to do would be to scrap the whole cap and trade divertissement, roll up our sleeves and go whole heartedly for the carbon taxes which Wolf so correctly prefers.

But, where I really disagree with Wolf is when he mentions that “the cost should fall on the wealthy. This is as much because they can afford it as because they produced the bulk of past emissions.” Of course the wealthy have larger shoulders but, if this is really serious, then every human has the duty, and the right as a human showing solidarity, to push as hard as he can, with whatever he has, without any consideration to other issues. The climate change threat shall not be taken as a threat against humanity similar to the one depicted in the movie “Independence Day” and in which an American president takes an active part saving the world… as a fighter-pilot. This is no matinee show. The poor are probably among those to be most affected by climate change and so please, whatever, do not tell them that the wealthy will take care of it, especially when you know this isn’t so.