December 07, 2009

To solve climate change, concentrate on that and shy away from green pork and fighting injustice, those are other battles.

Sir, you end your editorial “Copenhagen: we can´t risk failure” December 7 saying “The forces of negativity and scepticism, whether self interested or naïve, must not prevail if we are to reduce the threat to the planet´s future without sacrificing future economic growth”. Do you mean that if reducing the threat to the planet´s future implies that we have to sacrifice future economic growth that then we should bother? Can´t you see that trying to achieve multiple objectives is one of the ways of risking failure?

One of the problems of finding a solution to the threat of climate change is that like many legislative process, many are interested in adding their own (green) pork to the bill; some by creating business opportunities, others by trying to foster global justice. When will we have a climate change congress that just concentrates on what it takes to insure solely against climate change?