November 30, 2009

Is Greece becoming Germany´s fart-payer?

Sir Wolfgang Münchau writes “Greece can expect no gifts from Brussels” November 30, and which makes us reflect on what it would have looked like if for instance Greece still had the Drachma and Germany the Deutsche Mark. 

In such a case Germany would have had to be doing the Chinese styled currency weakening on its own instead of having Greece and others euro-black-sheep average the Euro down for them. And clearly Greece would be able to devalue and use that politically more friendly approach of being able to inflate yourself out of the problems, instead of having to impose Germanic discipline on their citizens. Come on, does not Greece deserve a little gift?

Rumours have it that in old Venezuela the fine ladies of society were always accompanied by a small coloured boy whom they could hit on his head whenever a lady farted. These boys were known as fart-payers (paga-peo). Could it be that Greece is becoming Germany´s fart payer?