August 10, 2018

Trade tariffs revenues should at least try to compensate those hurt the most.

Sir, John Authers writes of the facts of life that give “Free trade the strange ability to convince everyone, rich or poor, that they have lost by it”, “Nafta’s losers always drown out its winners” August 10.

Tariffs are used to supplant market decisions. Sometimes it could be good, like for instance when making sure your “Arsenal Of Democracy” is fabricated on homeland, but most often it is bad, only helping to enrich those capitalizing on crony statism.

Whatever, in any case there should be much more transparency on who are then going to decide, instead of the market, on the use of all revenues provided by the tariffs.

I argue this because, if for instance 100% of those tariff revenues went to finance a Universal Basic Income, then at least those most hurt would be partially compensated… and the redistribution profiteers would think less favorably of these tariffs.