November 12, 2016

Pragmatic entrepreneurs don’t stand a chance against committed statist ideologues

Sir, Anthony Scaramucci writes on Trump that “he is a pragmatic entrepreneur who understands economic incentives better than any head of state in modern history” “These are the policies to restore growth to America” November 12.

Hah! He wishes! Trump wishes! The sad truth is that pragmatic entrepreneurs don’t stand a chance against committed statist ideologues.

Where were those entrepreneurs who stood up and said “No!” in 1988, when bank regulators, deciding on the capital requirements for banks, set the risk weights for the sovereign, meaning government bureaucrats at 0%, and that of entrepreneurs at 100%?

Worse, where are the entrepreneurs who even after 28 years say “No!” to such odious discrimination?

Has Donald Trump any idea about how much more he has had to pay in interests over the years, only as a result of those regulations? I doubt it.

There are of course a lot of pragmatic entrepreneurs who would not object to this kind of regulations, but those are those practicing state cronyism.

So, as I see it government technocrats are bound to eat up Donald Trump alive! In fact, what could be worse, is that he could be so pragmatic so as to think that could be what’s most profitable to him.