November 24, 2016

Over time simplewissers will always trump condescending besserwissers

Sir, Joan Williams writes: “working-class whites who feel abandoned by professional and business elites. A few…have noticed their pain, but for the most part elites’ social consciences have been aimed elsewhere, at ending racism or sexism, at environmentalism or eating food that is sustainably farmed.” “Cluelessness about class means we miss Brexit lessons” November 24

Unfortunately the working-class whites are just the tip of the iceberg. The day our young will realize that we their elders have gladly allowed banks to finance the construction of the basements where they can stay with us, but not the SMEs that could give them the jobs they need in order to also afford becoming parents, something really bad could happen.

Over the years I have had way too many opportunities for my liking to remember that not fully confirmed Viking tradition of the ättestupa, that cliff from which the elderly voluntarily jumped from when not being any longer useful to society.

And there are similar ones at Grand Canyon