October 10, 2016

Let a Universal Basic Income empower and help make something reasonable, or even something really good, out of the gig economy

Sir, Sarah O’Connor writes that “A fierce debate has broken out this year about the dangers and opportunities of a world where more workers are cobbling together an income through independent “gigs” rather than relying on traditional employee jobs.” “At least fifth of European and US workers in ‘gig economy’” October 10.

Come what may, I am sure that both the debate, and the reality of the “gig economy”, would be quite different depending on whether a Universal Basic Income exists or not.

It would be a stepping ladder for all to reach up easier to that economy.

Again when I mention UBI it is always with special emphasis on the “Basic”

Again when I mention UBI it is always paid with real money, no funny inflationary money.

Again when I mention UBI, I know that the redistribution profiteers are going to be very pissed off.
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