September 29, 2016

Millions of small loans not given to “risky” SMEs, only because of bank regulations, endangers our social stability

Sir, Mohamed El-Erian writes: “for things to continue as they are, you need to be confident that the economic, financial, political and social tensions spawned by low growth will not become the defining drivers of the economy. And that is increasingly unlikely in light of what is transpiring on the ground every day… If the political response continues to disappoint, low growth will give way to a recession while artificial stability in the financial system is replaced by disorder.” “Yet more low but stable global growth is unsustainable” September 30.

Absolutely! As I have been arguing in more than two thousand letters to FT over the years, we have been doomed to dangerous doom and gloom by bank regulators, as they have impeded the economy to breath that risk-taking oxygen that allows it to move forward, so as not to stall and fall.

Just think about the millions of small credits to “risky” SMEs and entrepreneurs around the world, that have not been awarded the last decade only because of Basel Committee’s stupid, dumb, senseless, useless, risk weighted capital requirements for banks.

To bridge that cliff of joblessness and hardships that it has and will have caused, I can’t think of anything else than a Universal Basic Income, a Citizen's Dividend, or whatever you want to call it. Of course that has to be duly funded, in much by reducing the margins of the redistribution profiteers, no funny money will do.

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