September 28, 2016

Is now OECD blaming central bankers? Has it no shame? OECD is just as guilty.

Sir, William White, the chair of the OECD’s economic and development review committee tells us “Only government action can resolve a global solvency crisis” September 26.

I don’t get it. Is now the OECD blaming central bankers? What? Since 1988, with the Basel Accord, Basel I, approved enthusiastically by the OECD, the sovereigns of the OECD, in other words OECD governments, for the purpose of the capital requirements for banks, have been risk weighted at 0%, while We the People have been assigned a risk weight of 0%. What good has that done us?

White writes: “The monetary stimulus provided repeatedly over the past eight years has failed to produce the expected expansion of aggregate demand.” Is expansion of aggregate demand by monetary stimulus the only thing that was expected to solve stagnation? If so, our grandchildren are screwed. What about the workings of the real economy, like the SMEs and the entrepreneurs, those that OECD and bank regulators don’t want to have access to bank credit, only on account of these being risky borrowers?

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