March 13, 2016

Lucy Kellaway is my large glass of wine that keeps me suscribing to FT and writing letters to its (quite dumb) editor

Though that would clearly be highly unethical journalistic behavior, it is clear that someone somehow must have issued a strong, very strong, recommendation to ignore my letters to the Financial Times.

And obviously that should have me raving mad and cancelling my suscription to FT.

But it is when I read something so great like Lucy Kellaway’s

“The reply consisted of one word: Noted. This was the perfect passive aggressive response. It was just about polite enough for me to have no legitimate grounds for complaint. It shut down the discussion, and left me with only one sensible course of action — to pour myself a large glass of wine and see”

... that all is forgotten. That it is just the kind of my large glass of wine that keeps me suscribing to FT... and keeps me writing letters to You Dear Editor.

With my very best regards

Per Kurowski

PS. I sure hope and pray this will not create any trouble for Lucy Kellaway. Sir, I swear she’s innocent!

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