October 13, 2015

To avoid collateral damages, the fines of those who create and finance jobs should be paid in new shares and not in cash.

Sir, I refer to Henry Foy’s and James Politi’s “Volkswagen scandal fuels fears for jobs across Europe” October 13.

Again it points to reasons why the world should not impose fines payable in cash on those who misbehave and deserve punishment, but who generate jobs, or credit. That would only weaken them and thereby cause many casualties among the civilians who are not responsible.

Have them instead to pay all fines by issuing new shares to be delivered to whomever a judge feels should get these.

The dilution of existent shareholders is more than enough punishment to guarantee that management will be more careful.

And this is especially valid when regulators, by their incompetence or any other reasons, have helped to induce the misbehavior. 

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