May 11, 2015

What if character analysis become character ratings, which are then sold to possible employers?

Sir, Lucy Kellaway in reference to the character describing Crystal app writes “great idea; must try harder”, “If we have to be stalked by apps they should at least be clever” May 11.

I am not sure… the cleverer it becomes, the more credibility it gets and the bigger is its systemic danger. What will they do with the results… could these be influenced… like could a good and valuable character strait be acquired by someone offering a good price for it. And if it morphs into a character rating, what is one to do if one gets a non-employable rating? No, this is indeed very dangerous territory. Perhaps Lucy Kellaway should think it over again.

I stop here… just in case Lucy wants it very brief (but still I throw in an emoticon, even if that risks negatively affect her character analysis of me) J