May 25, 2015

If we get a copyright on our own personal data and preferences, then we have something to trade with.

Sir, I refer to Edward Luce’s “Big Data’s infinite harvest” May 25.

In it Luce asks “Should we charge Big Data for our personal data?” And my answer to that has for quite some time been, even to FT, that we should at least get a copyright on our own personal data, so as to have something to trade with.

I recently bought a Tuxedo shirt on the web, and since then I have been receiving many offers on Tuxedo shirts on the social media where I socialize. It crowds my computer and, in doing so, it definitely affects negatively my possibilities of going on with the rest of my own virtual life, as well as intruding on other ads trying to reach my immense purchasing power :-)

And so I believe that if all these content providers had to share some of the ad revenue they got from targeting me, with me, the owner of my own preferences, then we could put some order in the house, an order that could even benefit our Big Brothers. Frankly, I think that any advertiser would love this idea, as that would guarantee that the ad recipient looks more favorable, or even looks, at his ad… of course current advertisers would initially not like it too much… until they understand that would benefit them too.

Now on the issue of information and searches, there I might be a little bit more radical. Because there I would request that at least 50 percent of all search results provided by Google should be provided on a totally pro-bono basis. That is because it is much too important for us to know what the poorer outliers might be thinking, and because we cannot afford our information needs to be satisfied solely by information lobbyist.

But clearly all this is just in its initial stages and developing.