February 09, 2015

Some are unfortunately the “Too Small To Be Invited To Basel Or Davos Banks”

Sir, Tracy Alloway reports on that “New rules hit small US banks ‘hardest’” February 9. She is right, but this has been since the imposition of credit-risk-weighted equity requirements, because:

Small banks, compared to big, attend proportionally much more the borrowing needs of clients who are perceived as “risky”, like local small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Small banks, compared to big, find it more difficult to engage in that financial sophistication, whether real or pseudo, used to dress up balance sheets as safer.

And therefore small banks, compared to big, must usually hold proportionally more equity, which makes it more difficult for these to produce competitive returns for their shareholders.

The small banks and their “risky” clients are never invited to discuss their problems with the Basel Committee or the Financial Stability Board…they are too small to be able to adequately feed the ego of regulators.

Small banks are never invited to Davos, as neither are their small “risky” clients.