February 03, 2015

All Eurozone’s banks are also in a periphery, which is something that should be considered by ECB’s-Draghi-QEs

Sir, I refer to Christopher Thompson’s “Banks seek lower cost risk capital” February 3.

It states “Under proposals from international regulators, the biggest 27 “globally systemic” banks will have to double the capital they must hold under the Basel III requirements by 2019. This implies a €200bn-€300bn capital shortfall in Europe alone according to estimates by Citi.”

Is that not a clear indication that where an ECB-Draghi-QE could be most useful, would be by filling that equity gap, as fast as possible, subscribing bank shares to be later resold to the market.

Otherwise the travel from here to there in terms of bank equity is going to hurt a lot… especially all those “risky” small businesses and entrepreneurs which borrowings generate the largest equity demands on banks.

And the beauty of that is that even Germany would agree because, in terms of the Eurozone’s banks, including the German, all find themselves, just like Greece, in the periphery.

The ECB might also benefit from looking at how Chile solved its bank problem