September 11, 2014

Mario Draghi… you are personally responsible for any ECB liquidity injections in Europe being just wasted away.

Sir, I refer to Stefan Wagstyl’s “ECB presses on with securities plan” September 10.

Mario Draghi, as the former chairman of the Financial Stability Board must be aware that, because of the risk-weighted capital requirements, all those borrowers who have the misfortune of ex ante being perceived as risky from a credit point of view, independently of how important they could be for the European economy, and for European job generation, will not have fair access to bank credit.

And so therefore banks will by means of their credits not be able to allocate any ECB (or fiscal deficit) liquidity injections efficiently to the European economy.

And one of the reasons for why this distortive regulatory lunacy introduced 10 years ago with Basel II survives, is the quite natural but still highly irresponsible reluctance of regulators to admit their mistake.

And that is why, I at least, hold Mario Draghi personally responsible if any ECB liquidity injection in Europe is just wasted away… and this even though he might not care one iota about it, as he sure must be surrounded by so many other who support his ego by daily reaffirming his magnificence.