December 05, 2012

Yes we need young who understand that “risk” is the Yin of the Yang “safe”.

Sir, Luke Johnson writes “Europe cannot afford to become a theme park for ageing baby boomers obsessed with nostalgia dreaming of glory day… ruled by cadres of old men who cling to power and wealth like grim death” and “We all need an infusion of youthful vigour” December 5. 

Absolutely! And where we should start is by removing those completely senile regulators in the Basel Committee who believe you can make our banks safer by avoiding what is perceived as risky, failing to understand that “risk” is the Yin of the Yang “safe”, and that for banks, what has always been most dangerous, is almost exclusively what is perceived as absolutely safe. If you really wanted to inject some vigour into Europe, think more in terms of capital requirements for banks that are higher for “The Infallible” and lower for “The Risky”. 

On what I totally disagree with Luke Johnson is on wanting “the Rolling Stones… greedy sexagenarians, to leave the stage”. In their case they are not there, except for us wanting them to be there, just like we love our well worn old warm slippers. 

PS. By the way there are some real rusted oldies in FT too, blocking ideas, and it could benefit all of us if they were to sit down and have a chat with Luke Johnson about this topic.

A 62 years old male