December 04, 2012

Sometimes a citizen, within his human rights, has a moral duty of not paying his taxes.

Sir, I agree with your “Taxing problems” on the “war against aggressive tax avoidance”, December 4. That said I think we should also remember, as a “taxing problem”, the case of aggressive tax income squandering. 

Of course I do not want other governments or nations to help fellow citizens to avoid paying the taxes they legally owe, but, if the tax collector in your country has to rely on other countries to collect his taxes, then we tax -paying citizens are being placed on a very slippery slope. 

The first and absolute principle must be that each country is responsible for collecting its own taxes, and that the most fundamental principle on which such collection is based, is that the governments earn the taxes they collect in a way that is acceptable to its citizens. 

If a nation squanders completely away your taxes, not leaving anything, it is a human right and a moral obligation of the citizen not to pay those taxes. 

The real truth is that on a global scale more taxes might be wasted away by inefficient of even corrupt bureaucracies, than all the taxes that are not paid… and, if we citizens do not hold our governments responsible on both fronts we are doomed. 

And so if someone is thinking about setting up a United Nations of tax collectors, with the sole objective of collecting taxes, no matter what, then we will have no other option than to seek shelter in the shadows… Forest of Sherwood, here we come!