October 19, 2012

Who authorized the discriminatory principle of current bank regulations?

Sir, David Green, in “Look before you leap into eurozone banking supervision” October 19, discusses the European Commission’s proposal to move to a collective European banking supervision and asks: “Who sets the supervisory culture for banks and those who run them , and with what legal authority?” 

Indeed. Current bank regulations discriminate, more than they are already discriminated by the banks, against the access to bank credit of “The risky”, and favor, more than they are already favored by the banks, the access to bank credit of “The Infallible”. Had any European parliament tried to pass a law based on such principles, it would have been swiftly booted out of power. 

And so how were current discriminatory bank regulations approved? That is a good place to start your inquiries. I mean if you are interested in the theme.