October 01, 2012

The "infallible sovereigns" turned banks into their Sheriffs of Nottingham increased fiscal revenue enforcers.

Sir, I am amazed about how Wolfgang Münchau could have titled an article with “Welcome back – again – to the eurozone crisis”, October 1. Does this actually mean he thought the crisis good be solved playing along with Mario Draghi´s ECB illusions of grandeur?

What really happened?

I, the “infallible sovereign”, guarantee you, the bankers´ “a bit more fallible banks”, so that you can lend to me, without any need of capital, as much money as possible, as cheap as possible, and that way we both prosper… that is until we have exhausted this mechanism, and have to come up with another one.

FT, since your ego is clearly not strong enough for having someone insignificant like me explain the crisis to your so prominent experts, may I suggest you invite John Clarke and Bryan Dawe to phrase some of the questions about the crisis for them, in terms that they could perhaps understand. Truly, this is becoming outright embarrassing.