April 20, 2011

Though the outlook is for hurricanes you have not yet seen the roofs flying, just yet.

Sir Martin Wolf, as an economist, stubbornly refuses to even consider those financial regulations, or may I dare to say global capital controls, that directed the worlds capital flows so excessively towards creating excessive debts in areas that were officially perceived as not risky, like the US, UK, Greece and the triple-A rated securities in this world. “Faltering in a stormy sea of debt” April 20. Since what the regulators are currently doing is trying to correct for that mistake, instead of correcting the mistake, we should expect a serious case of regulatory overmedication to also strengthen the storms that await us.

Let me take the opportunity to comment on Standard & Poor’s recent grim outlook for the US debt. Given that the US can always by printing repay its debt in nominal terms that must mean that S&P is, I believe for the first time, considering the possibility of collecting on loans in real terms.