April 27, 2011

Europe needs and merits someone better than Mario Draghi

Sir, when Guy Dinmore, Quentin Peel and Peggy Hollinger report” Mario Draghi poised for ECB job”, April 27, they refer to "his prominence as head of the Financial Stability Board”. Let me remind you that the most adequate name for that board would be the “Financial Fragility Board”. With their artificial and global regulatory construes they are introducing a fragility that has made and will make the financial system more prone to breaking. When you for instance build resistance against earthquakes, more than the basic strength of material you need to consider their flexibility.

Since Mr. Mario Draghi is one of those who so many years into this crisis has not yet understood the immense damage the regulators of the Basel Committee produced, when they considered the credit ratings for the capital requirements of banks, even though these had already been considered when the market and banks set their risk premiums, he does not seem qualified for such an appointment. A Europe that is so messed up because of the excessive build up of sovereigns and “triple-A rated debt, very much induced by the Mario Draghis of this world, needs someone better.

What about accountability? Giving him a promotion? Would you have made a Chamberlain with his “Peace in our time” the War Minister? I don’t think so! But, that indeed seems to unfortunately be the name of the game, in a world where the too big to fail banks are allowed to grow bigger still.