December 12, 2009

Who is guilty of having seeded expectations of climate change reparations?

Sir Christopher Caldwell is right in denouncing that “many of the developing world’s representatives have come to Copenhagen seeking reparations” Climate change, the great leveler”, December 12. What we must realize though is that these representatives did not develop these expectations on their own but that these were certainly seeded there by some reparation intermediaries or vultures. There is no doubt that we should try to eliminate poverty in the world but we must have clarity in what are the prime objectives with respect to our earth-environment.

It would be an interesting challenge for any journalist to investigate the origin of the idea to open up the flank of wealth redistribution in the environmental battle. It should be possible to do so and it would also be very valuable for all to do so, especially for those now bearing groundless expectations and who now are bound to be disappointed.