December 16, 2009

Let all citizens of all countries in on the climate change human race challenge!

Sir Jeffrey Sachs “Hold the rich nations to their world” December 16 clearly views fighting against climate change as a government issue. But, if the threat of climate change is as serious as told and which from what I at least have been able to see with my own unscientific eyes I have few reasons to doubt, then clearly the only way to have a chance to succeed in that battle is by making it a citizens issue.

In this respect when Jeffrey Sachs now rightly complains in respect to climate change that “rich-country leaders want to sneak by on minimalist commitments… not consistent with global needs or international commitments” similar to what has happened to “rich-country pledges on development aid”, he would do well reflecting on whether the citizen of rich countries were sufficiently involved when making those commitments… or does the need of participation and ownership that is so much preached on by the development community only apply to poor countries.

Also these days we heard comments from the US with respect to the difficulty of monitoring Chinese commitments on containing carbon emissions, but if in this case we can’t understand that the only real effective climate change monitoring that can be done in China or in any country is that which is performed by their own citizens, then I believe we have already lost the battle.

Let’s hurry back to the drawing board and start talking with the people of the world and not the Jeffrey Sach’s or the governments of the world… pas la même chose.