June 18, 2009

We need at least one urgent change in the financial rule book.

Sir it matters little how you arbitrate a game if the rules in the rulebook don´t make sense and therefore, in matters of financial regulations, the Obama administration is right concentrating on what you title “Redesigning the financial rulebook”, June 18, before “rebuilding the regulatory structure”. I just hope they really change that truly crazy rule of the minimum capital requirements for banks that the Basel Committee concocted.

How would you arbitrate a game of hockey if depending on how some external consultants perceived the strength of the players to be each player had to carry different protective gears? The strong AAA players would have less protection, exposing them to additional risks, while the poor BB- weaklings would have to carry more protection weighing them down even further. And, if a hockey reporter how would describe the team? The protective-gear weighted strength of it?