June 27, 2009

It was not the faith based financial institutions who caused it but the “too few to follow”

Sir we know with absolute certainty that had not the regulators empowered some “too few to follow”, the credit rating agencies, and created some perverse incentives that interfered with the risk allocation mechanism of the market, the minimum capital requirements for banks, we could have had another type of crisis, but definitely not this one. In this respect Michael Mackenzie is as right as he can be to argue “It’s a stretch to blame hedge funds for banks collapse”, June 27, and mind you I am not a great fan of these what I call “faith based financial institutions” that charge outlandish fees for their services and keep you mostly in the dark.

And blaming derivatives when the originals, the mortgages to the subprime sector in the US were so badly awarded is just like the robber pointing with his finger down the street and loudly shouting “there he runs that s.o.b!