November 13, 2016

Trump, though there’s reason for concern, shares some basic qualities that made the “Final Five” and America great.

Sir, Gillian Tett describing a clearly inspiring show by the US Olympic women’s gymnastics team, the “Final Five” asks: “Do they demonstrate discipline and ambition? Undoubtedly: if you want to teach a kid about triumph in the face of adversity Simone Biles’s life story is a good place to start: she overcame the challenges of a very tough childhood to win five Olympic medals” “What Trump can learn from the Final Five” November 12.

But at least in this respect Trump, though born with a silver teaspoon in his mouth, has certainly already demonstrated a willingness to take risks, to make mistakes, to try it again, and that go-get-it spirit that made the Five Final, and that helped make America what it is. If anything some could hold Trump has demonstrated a bit too much of those qualities.

Personally I pray Trump, as a President will want to reignite the building of America based on those qualities, and not just based on unproductive cronyism, which is a much too frequent reason for why some less deserving make it “Great” though not really the Final Five.

PS. Whether popular votes or electoral votes, no winning side has the right to ignore the other almost-half, though unfortunately it seems both sides would want to.