November 02, 2016

To make saving our pied-a-terre affordable, we need to keep the climate-change-fight profiteers at bay

Sir, I refer to Martin Wolf’s “Inconvenient truths and the risks of denial”, November 2.

I do not read scientific projections on global warming, it suffices me to see what harm is done to our delicate pied-a-terre to know its wrong and that it should stop. But I also know that could be a much costlier than needed process, if we are not able to keep the climate-change-fight profiteers at bay. And I also know that we would be much more effective in our efforts if we could engage other social causes in the quest, like that of decreasing inequality.

That is why I am all in favor of for instance very high carbon taxes, with all its revenues paid out to citizens by means of a Universal Basic Income. That would decrease carbon emissions, allow supplier of cleaner energy sources to compete more and, to top it up, help our economies by reviving demand.

Sir, all those incredible over 500 percent gas/petrol ad valorem taxes in Europe, would do much better placed in the pockets of European citizens, than managed by European bureaucrats, capturable by their own and other special interests.

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