March 07, 2016

The Basel Committee for Tropical Forest Supervision fumigates “risky” creatures and thereby kills its biodiversity.

Sir, Lawrence Summers discusses “the challenges currently facing macroeconomic policymakers in the US and the rest of the industrial world”. He expresses concern that policies could be behind the curve and believes central bankers’ communicate “a sense that there was relatively little left that they can do to strengthen growth or even to raise inflation” “A world stumped by stubbornly low inflation” March 7.

Oh no! There is much to do. Urgently!

Rain forests provide ecosystem services that play an important role in maintaining biological diversity, global climate regulation, disease control, pollination and much more.

What would we opine about forest guardians eradicating scrub-itch mites, ticks, spiders, scorpions, centipedes, wasps, hairy caterpillars, leeches, snakes, stinging tree, lawyer vine and other of the natural habitat, only on account that these are dangerous creatures?

Well that is exactly what bank regulators, central banks, have been doing to our real economies. With their credit risk weighted capital requirements for banks, they fight the SMEs and entrepreneurs only on account these are risky from a credit point of view.

And they are so fanatical that they do not warn bankers about hidden unexpected ex post dangers, they act even when bankers ex ante perceive the scorpions they know they should expect to be dangerous.

And of course our real economies, lacking more and more in diversity, stop to function as they should. 

And so we must urgently get rid of the current dumb bunch of forest guardians who, when trying to save banks from “The Risky”, are dangerously fumigating our real economies. The fact that even the central bankers communicate there is little they can do, is just another clear sign it is hight time for that.

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