March 08, 2016

Day by day, the world is losing more and more, of that incredible valuable resource known as blissful ignorance.

Sir, Mohamed El-Erian writes: “These days, even small changes to market paradigms cause outsized price moves, contagion, and unsettling correlations among asset classes.” “Relying on central bank policy manoeuvres risks more volatility” March 8.

Indeed but that is not solely the result from what central banks do.

In 2001 in an Op-Ed I wrote: “The development of decision-making processes has benefits but also risks. Thus we see that the speed of information itself, which promotes quick and immediate response, can exacerbate problems. Before, those who took the problem home to study it, and those who simply found out late, provided the market a damper, which often might have saved it from hurried and ill-conceived reactions.”

When I was young and off to a boarding school in Sweden, with my parents living in Venezuela, I might have sent them one letter per year. They opened it and gladly determined that I was doing ok. Nowadays, if any of my daughters do not report to their mother sort of every six hours, all sort of possible volatility breaks lose.

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